About Carreghofa PTA

Who are we? The Carreghofa Primary School PTA is a small group of parents and friends of the school who arrange activities throughout the year to raise money for essential resources for our school and to help pay for trips for the children. Our aim is to make sure all the money raised goes directly towards enhancing the children’s school life at Carreghofa.

How much money do we raise? Last year, we raised an amazing amount, more than £6,000! This could not have been done without the support of all of the parents.  Last year a few of the big money makers were:

Sponsored walk: £868.55                                                    
4 Discos: £861.65
Summer Fete: £1,200                                                        
Fashion Show: £300
Summer Ball: £1,310 (kindly match funded by BUPA)                      
Bags2school: £610

We also held raffles, a penny race, non-uniform days, bingo and cake sales

How did we spend the money and how will it help my child? As a committee we always make sure any requests for money will benefit our children. We normally have a large project that we are saving for, last year we purchased an interactive white board in class 1, you will see it being used not just in class 1 but also in assemblies, so all children have access to it. 

We are also paying towards a revamp of the front playground, where exciting equipment will soon be in place! As parents we know how expensive trips can be, so it is a main priority to us to help contribute towards bus costs. 

This is a major expenditure and we paid £1,160 to help bring down the costs  for parents  

How often do we meet?  We try to meet about once a term - sometimes more if we have a large event on. We find that an evening meeting is more suitable, normally starting at 7:30pm and if we stay focused it will be over by 9pm!

Do we need any new members? Although we have a great committee and we know we can always ask on people to help, there are not many of us! As our children are getting older so are we and soon we will have moved on from Carreghofa  school!  We really could do with some new faces, with new ideas! 

What would I have to do? Throughout the year we have lots to organise and it would be great if you were able to help in anyway such as manning a stall, selling raffle tickets or shopping for Discos.

We realise if you have younger children it is hard to commit to helping but we work together and share everything out to what suits us all. 

When is the next meeting? Our next meeting is our annual meeting (AGM) on Tuesday, September 17, 7:30pm. at the school. We really would love to see you there!

Any future meetings are always on the school's newsletter.

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