Introduction to School Council



Carreghofa School Council is a committee made up of children and staff who help to make decisions that really matter to us.  We meet every week and have an agenda and take minutes like an official council meeting!  We elect a chair person, a deputy, a secretary and a minutes secretary.  Our School Council are busy throughout the year, organising events, informing pupils and parents, meeting with the Head teacher and coming up with problem solving ideas.

Here are some of the things the school council did last year:

Raised money for Comic Relief

Raised money for Children in need

Looked at the School Development Plan and gave our input

Produced assemblies to share information

Had weekly meetings to discuss school matters

Helped to write and review school policies

Took harvest gifts to a local residential home

Decided on the new play equipment for the back playground

...but that's only a snapshot!      

Healthy Schools


We have been part of the Powys Healthy Schools scheme at Carreghofa for about 13 years. Being a Healthy School means that everything we do at Carreghofa, all of our decisions, are based around the welfare of our pupils, staff and the wider community and that the decisions are not just about here and now, but for the future of those in our community.

The Healthy Schools scheme is divided into seven main sections -

  1. Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being
  2. Food and Fitness
  3. Environment
  4. Safety
  5. Hygiene
  6. Personal Developments and Relationships
  7. Substance Use and Misuse

We have achieved up to Phase 5 of the healthy schools scheme and have recently been award the Powys Excellence Award. We are now work hard in preparation for the National Quality Accreditation in July.

Over the past 13 years our school has been on a journey to reach the 'healthy status' we our proud of. Some examples of this include:

*Fruit and vegetable snack time

*Water in class

*Achieving our platinum flag for \eco-schools

*Teaching realtionship lessons from Nursery

*5 a day sessions in class

*Internet safety training for parents

*Promoting good hand washing skills

*Playground buddies

and many many more.


What's been going on in our school...